Born in Mexico City, June 21th 1974. Lives and works in Berlin.


M.A.: Art Studies / Art and Education. Honorific Mention. Universidad Iberoamericana, UIA, Mexico City.

M.A.: Art in Context. Master. University of Arts, Berlin, Germany.

Art History at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, UIA.


* Since 2010 Art and Mediation/Visiting Guides. Martin Gropius Bau. Berlin.
* Since 2010 Educational Child care, Labyrinth Children´s Museum Berlin.
*2016 Implementation of the diploma course: thought – action. The energies of creative participation. January MUSEO MARCO. Monterrey NL, Mexico.
* 2012 Teaching for Visualizing and Sketching. Universidad Iberoamericana. Mexico. Summer Semester.
* 2010-2012 Workshops realization at the Atelier Bunter Jacob Studio,  Berlinische Galerie, Berlin.
* 2006-2008 Coordination for the cultural Cooperation: Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien and Kurt Löwenstein  School / Fichtelgebirge Primary School. Berlin
* 2007-2008  Customer take care at the Cicero Gallery for political photography.
* 1999 – 2001 Tourist guide for german groups by Go Mexiko Tours; Mexico City.
* 1996 -1997 Assistant for the exhibition Isabel Villaseñor – Retrospective. Grupo Añil, Mexico-D.F.


* 2013 Portraits on glass. Performative art project at the Federal Congress. Auschwung für Frühere Chancen. Berlin, Feb.
*2011 Facts of Poetry. Projektraum1 Kunsraum Kreuzbeg Bethanien. Berlin, Nov.
* 2009 More PomPoms..., Festival Kulturelle Bildung (Cultural Educación Berlín)  Bezirks Kreuzberg,  Berlin, June.
* 2008 Exhibition Underwriting over Signs., Art Transponder, Berlin, June.
Reflexions Space for  the exhibition Hannah Arendts Denkraum. Mendelssohn Akademie Halberstadt,, Germany, June.
* 2008 The other me. Anna Siemsen School. 8th grade. Cooperation with the exhibition Global Alien, Congress of Culture, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. Berlin, Jan-Feb.



* 2003 3rd. Price by the competition Good sons good daughters. Organized by the Federal Ministry for Family, Women, Youth and Senior. Culture Office, Neukölln, Berlin. Project: Chill out Room, installation, Germany, November.
* 2003-2004 Support for Foreign Studies,  Kunst im Kontext, Berlin, Germany, FONCA-CONACULTA.
* 2001-2002 Support for Foreign Studies,  Kunst im Kontext, Berlin. Mexico, FONCA-CONACULTA.
* 2000 Support for Cultural Projects. Catalogue.  FONCA – CONACULTA,  Mexico, March .
* 1999. Honorific mention in the Gran Premio Omnilife show, Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico, October
* 1997-1998 Painting Young Creators Scholarship received by the National Fund for the Culture and the Arts, Mexico City.

Artistic Actions

Route 2010.  Berlin. // http.//
*2009 Drawing with Light, Friedrichswerderscher Kirche. The Big Draw Berlin, August.

Solo exhibitions

* 2012 Drawings. Mexican Psychoanalytic Association. Mexico, May.
* 2009 King-worker-bit, allgirls Gallery, Berlin, Mai.
* 2006 Four Artists, Orangedoor Gallery, Paros, Greece Jun.
* 2006 Asking- yourself II , Orangedoor Gallery, Paros, Greece Jun.
* 2005 Asking- yourself, Culture Office Körnerkiez, Berlin, June.
* 2003 Images from the old, 48 hours Neukölln, 5. Art and Kulture Festival, Berlin, June.
* 2002 Lightweight from the stone, Sandra Contreras and Jorge Yázpik, Quetzalli Gallery, Oaxaca, Oax, Mexico, March .
* 2002 Some motivations, graphic exhibition, Archives House, Colima, Mexico, March.
* 2000 From the Material to the Fantastic Order. Galería La Esmeralda, Centro Nacional de las Artes, CNA, Mexico D. F. May.
* 1998 Inventory Aesthetics. Culture Office of the State of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico, May.
* 1997 Reflexes and References. UIA Library, Mexico, D.F., September.

Group exhibitions ( selection) 

* 2011 Crossing Paths, Castillo Kampehl, Germany, November.
* 2011 Facts of Poetry, Espacio 1 Kuntsraum Kreuzberg, November.
* 2010 Art and Nature, Zehdenick, Zernikow, Germany, May.
* 2009 á chacun son mur, La LaVoir, Paris, France, Dezember.
* 2009 ACROSTICO, Contemporary Drawings from Mexico, Mexican Embassy in Berlin, September.
* 2008 Anonyme Zeichner, Kunstberg Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin, Dezember.
* 2008 Four artist, Orangedoorgallery, Paros, Greece, junio.
* 2008 Underwriting over Signs. Arte Transponder, Berlin, February.
* 2006  3rd Nacional Bienal Visual Arts, Yucatán, Mexico, November.
* 2006 Homenaje póstumo a WolfgangBenavides. Mexico, November.
* 2006 Knitting Cattle –Made- Pheromones, Kultur im Körnerkiez, Berlin, June.
* 2006 Heimatschorle, Allgirls Gallery, Berlin, Mai.
* 2005 Puppenporträts, Kultur im Kornerkiez, Berlin, April.
* 2004 Good Daughters? good sons?. Workshop documentation. Gallery im Saalbau, Berlin, March.
* 2003 Chill out Room, Installation. Galerie im Körnerpark. Berlin, February.
* 2003 The Work role, vidoclips, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin, June.
* 2002 Fototypen: Fotostories, Videos, Fotoactions, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, Berlin, December.
* 2002 Art and ecology, Sädtischen Galerie Wollhalle Güstow, Germany, June.
* 2001 3rd. Bienal Graphic and Painting Alfredo Zalce, Museum Contemporary Art Alfredo Zalce, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, Septembre.
* 2000.  Salón de pequeño formato, Out Gallery, México D, F., June.
* 2000 XX Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven, Mexico, May.
* 1999 Gran Premio Omnilife, Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico, October.
* 1999 The Party, the Circus and Other Landscapes. Four painters, Galería de Arte Iztapalapa, México, DF., May.
* 1998 IV Monterrey Biennial. Painting, Sculpture and Installation, Museo Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, April.
* 1998 Dreams Are the Oldest Aesthetic Activity. UIA, Mexico, DF., December.
* 1998 Painters from the Workshop, Casa del Poeta, Mexico, DF. May.
* 1998 Puebla State Culture Office Collection. Culture House of the State Oaxaca, August.
* 1995 Art History Students and Ex-students Exhibitions, UIA, Mexico, DF., October.
* 1995 Second Cultural Week, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, Law School, Mexico, DF, Mai.
* 1994 First Cultural Week, UNAM, Law School, Mexico, D., F., May.
* 1993 On Art and it’s History, UIA, México, D.F., November.


* 2010 Traveling during the day, Fichtelgebirge Grundschule / Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, November.
* 2010 Different Faces. Albert Schweizer School, Education Cultural Projekt Berlin, October.
* 2010 Microscope and Art. Museum of Natural History. Berlin, August.
* 2009 Portrait how I feel better,  Fichtelgebirge Primary School Septembre.
* 2009 Anonymous Drawings. Fichtel Gebirge Grundschule / Kurt Löwenstein Oberschule / Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. Berlin, October.
*2008 Cities of Future. Fichtel Gebirge Grundschule / Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. October.
*2008 Anonymous Drawings, Fichtel Gebirge Grundschule / Kurt Löwenstein Oberschule / Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. Berlin, October.
*2008 Culture Trilogy, Foundation Herbert Quandt / Kurt Löwenstein Oberschule, July.
*2008  The other me. Anna Siemsen School. 8th grade.  Exhibition Global Alien, Congress of Culture, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. Berlin,  Jan-February.
* 2008 Post in Neukölln. Fichtelgebirge Grundschule Primary 8th grade. Education Cultural Projekt Berlin, February.
* 2007 Visiting to the Goldrausch  exhibition. Fichtelgebirge Grundschule Primary. Education Cultural Projekt Berlin, Dezember.
*2007  Stick It. a la Fichtelgebirge Grundschule Primary 6th grade. Education Cultural Projekt Berlin. October.